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Aries MarketMasters - Marketing, PR, and Social Media Services
You can either define who you are in the market, or let your competitors do the job for you. Marketing is more than telling your company story, it's also about getting other people to tell your story for you, perhaps even better than you imagined.

Aries MarketMasters provides marketing, social media, and media relations services for high tech companies powering the convergence of digital television and on demand content, and those building the high speed networks and CE devices of tomorrow, today. We also coordinate tours for major trade shows to help your team maximize time at events.

Attending a trade show? Our team can help you plan, manage and execute your PR strategy.

Announcing new products? We can show you how to maximize your marketing communications rollout plan and invite influential editors to view your product for potential awards. As well as run a speaker's program for more visibility.

Whether the project is large or small, we can customize a plan to define and meet your product launches, media tours, and communication goals.